Term Life

Choose how long you want to be covered with the most affordable way to get short-term plans.

Whole Life

Get protected for life, with the guarantee that your coverage will never decrease in value, and your premiums will never rise.

Universal Life

Pick your premium, and your benefits with this flexible and permanent policy.

Variable Life

Cover yourself indefinitely and get exclusive investment opportunities with a variable life plan.

Accidental Death

Ensure your family and friends are fully protected in the event of a life-threatening accident.

When it comes to getting covered, there’s no better resource than First Life. Our connection to over 30 of the nation’s biggest carriers means that all our highly-trained agents have the best tools to get you the lowest rates, with none of the hassle. So whether you’re trying to get covered, or looking to learn from some of the best agents in the industry, make First Life your first, and last stop for life insurance.

First Life Insurance

Getting covered can be a hassle. You know what we mean. You'll probably start off by searching dozens of sites for the best rates while trying to decipher industry jargon. Next, you'll wait on hold for an agent who cares more about hitting his quota than geting you the most coverage at the best price. Then, you'll have to undergo an uncomfortable medical exam and wait weeks before you even know if you qualify. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth, right? Well, what if we told you that we could get you covered in minutes? That's right. With connections to over 30 of the biggest carriers in the country, we're able to get you the lowest quotes on the plans you want, in just a matter of minutes. Our friendly, knowledgeable agents will help you choose the plan that's right for you, and with our easy-to-use apps and our e-signature technology, you won't have to worry about signing and mailing piles of private personal documents. So forget the paperwork. Forget the medical exam. Forget the wait. See how quickly we can get you covered today.

As an agent, we know you're always pressed for time. Between trying to juggle calling new leads, nurturing existing ones through the sign-up process, pulling quotes, taking care of seemingly endless paperwork, and staying on top of email, text, and phone correspondance, you've got your hands more than full. That's why we provide all our agents with the tools that allow them to take on more clients and serve them faster, with no extra work. With carrier and product information always at your fingertips, you'll never have to struggle to answer any of your customers' questions; with the quick-match wizard software that gets you the 3 best carriers for a client, you'll be able to pull quotes faster than you ever have; with exclusive leads, call transfers and call tracking, never again will you waste time with a prospect who hasn't already been pre-qualified by our system; and with custom email, IVR and SMS messaging, corresponding with your customers will be easier than ever.

When you're providing life insurance coverage for your employees, choosing to sign them up each individually will leave you with much more work and much less money than you started with. The hours on hold, piles of paperwork, and endless hoops to jump through ultimately leave you with only one thing – less opportunity to do what you do. With our streamlined process that incorporates connections to over 30 carriers with the ability to provide quotes instantly, you get plenty of affordable options to choose from, and you get in, out, and on with business in less time than you would searching with a smaller agency.



Our Company

Working with over 30 carriers, we shop to get the best coverage for the lowest price. Compare pros and cons to make a well-informed decision.

Our Agents

For expanding below put: Years of experience and impeccable knowledge of every carrier & their products

Our Products

Mainstream products mixed with unique policies that include complimentary coverage like long term care, critical or chronic illness, unemployment, and more

Our Solutions

We’ve taken the headache out of applying through eApplications that take 2 clicks to sign, and voice signatures that initiate coverage over the phone

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