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First life Insurance is here for you and your family to protect and provide coverage for all your life insurance needs. With connections to over 30 of the highest-rated life insurance carriers in the country, we're here to find you the best policy for your needs and budget. Our wide variety of options allows us to find you more choices to pick from, to help you find your best-fit life insurance policy.

Our agents work hard to get you to get you the lowest possible quotes for your policy, and guide your through the application process. First life is dedicated to ensuring your privacy, and keeps your confidential information between you, your agent, and your carrier, only.

First Life’s high standards carry through to our agents, as they give helpful, yet non-aggressive suggestions to get you great coverage with your best-interest in mind. Our committed agents strive to find you the best policy, yet provide you with time and space to make your own decisions. Our agents know how stressful the process can be, so they are here to assist you in any way you need.

For a quick and low quote on your life insurance policy, get a quote from First Life Insurance.

Agent Looking to Make More Commissions Off Your Sales, and Get Free Leads

If you are looking for a great place to work, and excel in your career, become an agent for First Life to redeem excellent benefits.

As an insurance agent with First Life, you are given a fair chance to success with get free leads to reach out to and expand your connections. These leads have intent and show promise in purchasing life insurance. We look for the best prospects so both agents and leads do not waste their time.  

Also, with the policies you sell, you will receive some of the highest commission rates in the business. Our competitive commission rates prime our business and keep our agents happy, driven, and successful.

If more leads and more money sound like job attributes that pique your interest, apply to become a First Life Insurance Agent today. 

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