Quoting & Gaining Customer Trust

For big purchases and important decisions like buying life insurance, customers want to feel absolutely secure with their agent.  They understand the need for good information, and if they cannot trust their agent to provide that knowledge, they will likely go elsewhere or, perhaps, give up on the task altogether.  As such, it is vitally important to gain and keep a prospective client’s trust.


It’s easy to talk great about yourself.  It’s far more helpful if others will do it for you.  Offer up the testimonials of previously satisfied clients to illustrate how well you’ll treat your new prospect.

There’s a variety of ways to display testimonials.  Two of the most common:

  • Short testimonials as a part of print materials
  • Video testimonials on a website

Testimonials also have the benefit of reinforcing the relationship between you and the testifying client.  By reminding them of their great experience, they’re more likely to recommend others to you.


Explain policies in easy to understand language which accurately reflects the pros and cons of the product.  Do not make unrealistic promises or cut out important information just because it might negatively influence a sale. 


Honesty and transparency are particularly important when providing pricing.  Lay out exactly what each cost covers, then give a total.  A customer does not want to be wondering how “final” a final price actually is.  They should be able to work with actual numbers rather than generalities or prices that are missing fees, taxes, or other costs.

This same transparent approach is applicable to other aspects of customer interaction as well.  Let them know ahead of time what will be expected of them, such as the types and amount of information that will be needed to complete an application.   Anything that eliminates questions in the prospects’ minds fosters trust and encourages a sale.


A big part of honesty and transparency is communication, but communication stands on its own as an important aspect of gaining customer trust as well.  Should there be a problem, whether it’s a mistake on an application, an unforeseen delay, or an error in previously disclosed information, takes pains to inform the customer as soon as possible.  Then, assure them what steps you will take to correct the situation as well as anything the client might have to do as well.


Whenever possible, deal with customers personally rather than having someone under you do it.  It shows you’re willing to dedicate valuable time and reinforces the fact that you see them as more than just a potential sale. 

Finding a personal connection can be critical.  Likable people are more trusted people.  Clients enjoy finding common ground in an otherwise clinical undertaking.

Demonstrate Excellence

At the end of the day, nothing shows you can be trusted to get the job done better than getting a job done.  Strive to accomplish every aspect of the process to the best of your ability.  Get the paperwork correct the first time, provide needed information, make timely appointments and follow up frequently to let your customers know you are on their side.   

Gaining trust can be a lengthy process, but losing that trust can happen much more quickly and may be irreversible.  By remaining mindful of honesty, transparency, communication and accessibility, you’re more likely to will customer trust and close the sale.

Get Free Leads that Close

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