iGo eApp

iGo from iPipeline is standard industry software commonly used by all insurance agencies.  Eliminating errors through its intelligent fillable form, iGo improves accuracy and efficiency.   Both independent agents and those working with a carrier can use iGo.  Simply click on the e-App button on either your agency’s or carrier’s web site.

Besides its own robust features, iGo also integrates with both other iPipeline software as well as your own legacy systems.


  • Supports multiple types of insurance policies
  • Indicates required and optional fields of applications to be filed in good order
  • Applies validation and business rules to submissions
  • Hides unnecessary fields for easy navigation
  • Allows fields to be filled out in any order
  • Auto-loads all necessary forms based on individual need
  • Easy to identify checkmarks indicate completion of tasks
  • Ability to print out both partial and complete forms
  • Save and return functions
  • Easy data mapping and exchange functions
  • Accepts eSignatures and eSubmissions for quicker processing
  • Print/wet sign options
  • Submits metadata and multiple images

Improved Efficiency

  • Reduces business cycle time from 50 to 24 days
  • Increases placement ratios
  • Produce 100% in good order submissions
  • Average cost reduced by 48%

Other Benefits

  • Ability for file paperless applications is good for the environment
  • Legible forms in good order
  • Increased accuracy
  • Allows you to monitor and control all carrier submissions
  • Able to be used both offline and online

iGo is an important app in the life insurance business, used by tens of thousands of agents.  If you have haven’t already been introduced to iGo, you should be taking a strong look at it, its features, and how you can make it best work for you.

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