Lead Nurturing

Once you have generated leads, the next step is nurturing them into a purchase.  This involves convincing someone who has expressed a basic interest - anything from joining an email list to calling the office - that your product is truly what they are looking for.

One of the great hurdles of lead nurturing is to focus energy on quality leads: leads you are most likely to convert into a sale.  Everyone who joined an email list, for example, shouldn’t be getting a personal phone call.  Instead, you send out regular but not an overwhelming number of emails with quality material to subscribers and convince them to take a next step and make a more personal contact with the company.

No matter how you are connecting with costumers, there’s some good rules to follow in your lead nurturing.

Friendly Persona

Even if all the customer is getting is an impersonal email blast, they shouldn’t feel like that’s what they’re getting.

  • Material should talk in everyday language.
  • Be conversational; don’t robotically explain the features of your services
  • Address specific needs your potential clients are likely to have.

Part of constructing the right persona is understanding how your audience is in the first place.  A senior citizen is going to best respond to a different type of person than a 20-something would.  So, consider who your largest target market is in any given campaign and put on the best face for that market.

Individual Attention

If you are personally addressing someone, whether in person, on the phone, or in an email, emphasize the individual attention you are paying them:

  • Address the recipient by name
  • Include your own name to emphasize yourself as an individual, not a company
  • Address some specific interest or concern you know about the prospect to reinforce that this is a personal connection, not something read off a script.

And while the business may be all about giving information, be sure to listen as well.  Your prospect isn’t looking for every bit of information you have.  They are looking for things that address their specific circumstances, so pay attention to what those circumstances might be, and be willing to change course if their replies indicates they wish to go in another direction.

Giving the Prospect Space

Keep overly in touch with prospects, and they will feel badgered.  Don’t keep in touch enough, and your product stops being a priority.  There’s a healthy balance in the middle that each agent needs to find for best results.

Understand that the larger the purchase, the longer it will take the average prospect to make a decision.  Life insurance is a major choice, as it will probably be a cost paid for the rest of the prospect’s life.  The purchase also has tremendous potential influence on the wellbeing of the family should the prospect pass away.  These things need time.  So while you make sure you remain in the forefront of his mind, be careful not to be overly aggressive in your pursuit.

Lead nurturing is about identifying quality leads and transforming them into paying clients.  This can be heavily assisted by technology, but at the end of the day, it’s all about personal communication.  The client needs to be comfortable with you, and you need to foster that comfort through openness and friendliness, all the while still being professional, accurate and leading.

Get Free Leads that Close

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