4 Reasons You Should Re-Take Your Medical Exam For Lower Rates

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4 Reasons You Should Re-Take Your Medical Exam For Lower Rates

Under your current life insurance policy, you suffer from high premiums without relief due to a poor medical evaluation. Since the time of the exam, your conditions have improved. So why haven’t you updated your records by re-taking the medical exam?

By re-taking the health exam that most insurance companies require, you can improve your rates with proving that your health is in better shape.

If you think this may apply to you, read on to see if you fit the qualifications that could help you lower your life insurance rates through an additional health examination:

You lost weight

While a pound or two will not make a difference, a significant drop in weight could positively affect your premiums. If you were formerly overweight and you have now gotten to a healthy, average weight, you can re- take the exam to prove your healthier lifestyle. By losing weight and appearing to be more physically fit, insurance providers will see you as less of a risk to the company, so you will not have to pay as much as you did before the transformations. This just gives you more of an incentive to eat right and hit the gym!

You quit smoking

Now that you finally are taking the right measure to take care of your lungs, and the rest of your body, you will see a great reward come with your insurance rates. If you can prove that you have been smoke-free for at least two years, you can significantly improve your rates and save lots of money, yet receive the same amount of coverage you originally signed up for. You will not only live longer, and be healthier, but you will save money from your policy and from not buying cartons of cigarettes on the daily. It’s clearly beneficial across the board.

You are now sober

If you have previously suffered from some addictions, you may be able to bring down your rates. If you can prove that you have stayed clean consistently for multiple years, some carriers may rewards you with better rates. By taking care of yourself, you are less of a perceived risk to the company, so you should be able to see some improvements within your rates.

You have more time to prepare

Last time, your medical exam simply did not go as well as you though it would. You are in decent shape with fine health, so why didn’t the results prove that? Perhaps, it is because you didn’t prepare properly for your first medical exam. If you want to achieve the best results, and the best rates possible, you must take certain steps to make the results go your way. For prime results, it is recommended that you prepare in a way similar to taking other sort of exam. Get a good night’s sleep, drink water and don’t go out for a drink the night before. This will helps you be bright, awake and appear healthier. Also, you should avoid caffeine and salty foods, and skip your morning workout. This will keep your blood pressure low and appear healthier. Working out in the morning may seem like a good way to take care of your health, but put the workout off until after the exam to see the best test scores.

Your rates will vary based on your provider, but generally, these lifestyle adjustments will bring you better rates on your life insurance. The key to getting better rates is proving consistency and reliability.

DO NOT even try to lie when taking your medical exam. You will get caught, and you could see punishment in the form of fees, or even by getting kicked off your policy.

Your life insurance is no joke, and neither is your health, so do the best you can to take care of yourself and your rates will be taken care of as a result.

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