Looking Into The Tax Advantages Of Permanent Life Insurance

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Looking Into The Tax Advantages Of Permanent Life Insurance

Your permanent life insurance policy helps you financially in a lot of ways. It helps you save money, it helps you have a benefit provided for your beneficiaries after your death, and you can also take out money against your policy if you need it.

But did you know that the money saved up in your policy also has other advantages?

With most permanent life insurance policies, the tax benefits received save policyholders a great deal of money. Money that can be saved or spent wisely, giving the insured guaranteed coverage, as well as freedom over their assets.

While insurance carriers often have varied types of policies, most offer permanent life insurance coverage that can earn cash value, and can grow over time with the consistent payment of premiums. This cash value should grow over time, and can earn interest is some cases, yet will probably not be included within your federal taxes.

This means that the money you have saved in the cash value is all yours, and you do not owe it to the federal government. This means that you will be saving thousands that you would have had to pay in taxes.

Now I bet you’re thinking that in order to get the federal tax exemption, you must leave your money in the account. That’s false. You may choose to borrow cash value from your account as a loan, and you will still pay no federal income tax on this money. It’s your money, so you should be able to have the freedom to spend it as you need, yet still get the tax benefits.

The benefits don’t stop there. With your permanent life insurance policy, you and your relatives receive all-around outstanding tax benefits.

That $100,000 policy you purchased will be worth exactly that when you pass away, as long as your premiums are paid off, of course. When you pass away, the money you leave for your beneficiaries will not be hindered by federal income taxes. This means that they will receive the full amount, without taxes taken out. You’ve paid your fair share and despite the market and how the federal tax rate can increase, your beneficiaries will receive their fair share without a huge tax cut that will leave them struggling to pay their bills and your funeral costs.

If you are still curious about the alternatives to providing sufficient funds to your family after your death, you rest assured that your permanent life insurance policy will get you’re the best deal and the most money for your family. If you choose to invest your money in certain types of IRAs, social security, or other retirement plans, your loved ones will be taxed out of a good chunk of their benefits. All that money you invested will simply be cut down and will go to waste under these types of investment plans.

Instead of having money that rightfully belongs to you and your family wrongly taken from you with these retirement plans, your best bet to invest your time and money is in a permanent life insurance policy. Not only will you be guaranteed insurance coverage for the rest of your life, but you will have a guarantees fund that your beneficiaries will receive.

Don’t leave your loved ones at a financial disadvantage due to a large deduction from federal taxes. Keep the money in your family and prepare for the future by investing in a permanent life insurance policy. The tax advantage are only a small fraction of all the benefits you will receive with your permanent life insurance coverage.

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