MetLife Creates Product That Changes The Game Of Life Insurance

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MetLife Creates Product That Changes The Game Of Life Insurance

Just when you thought insurance had evolved as much as it could, once company has launched a product that’s about the change life insurance as you now know it. MetLife, an insurance company that specializes in life insurance, car insurance, disability insurance, and more, has not created a way to get customers better rates on their life insurance policies.

According to press release from MetLife, a product called the Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL), has been designed to help clients receive more benefits and flexibility with their policies through the use of this unique tool.

With the launch of PAUL, life insurance customers can now get additional help with liquefying their policies, if they choose to do so, and can make more money off of their life insurance living benefits.

Also, the individuals, as well as the small business owners, who decide to use the PAUL product will be able to grow their savings much faster within their policy assets and will be guaranteed a non-correlated asset. While all these terms can seem confusing, this basically means that no matter what happens with inflation and dips in the market, people will be guaranteed their fair benefit, unlike some life insurance policies that can correlate with the market’s actions.

Another great feature that is included within PAUL is Enhanced Rate Plus. Enhanced Rate Plus is an underwriting process that helps customers get cheaper premiums, and increase their ratings, all while speeding up the entire underwriting process.

The list of benefits does not stop there. The product comes with the expected potential to earn compensation based on the cash value of the policy, unlike traditional life insurance policies.

MetLife created this product to help clients by working to cover all their needs. PAUL is designed to help clients remain covered, yet be smarter with their savings. With the help of PAUL, customers have more likely to be able to touch their fund and also can receive more in return as they continue to stay with their policy.

If, for some reason, you decide you do not like your policy that you receive with the PAUL product and you wish to switch, policyholders can easily drop the service, receiving very low surrender charges.

However, it is extremely unlikely that you’ll be unhappy with this new life insurance product. Clients are expected to save money, and receive more funds back in return from their policies over time. What more could you ask of a life insurance product? MetLife knows what the people want.

As one of the largest life insurance companies across the world, MetLife is a leader in ingenuity and service, working to provide the best policies, annuities, and benefits to its clients.

With this launch of the product, it is expected that other leading insurance carriers will follow the trend to keep their customers and compete with the PAUL product.

he result will be better service and better life insurance policies with the same coverage, yet lower rates. What could be wrong with that? Don’t throw a fit if you have a life insurance policy with another company.

Even if MetLife is not your current insurance carrier, you can thank them for the expected changes involving life insurance that should be in your favor. Watch and see the improvements to be made.

Over the years, life insurance has come a long way, and it continues to improve and fit the needs of the clients. Now, you can rest easy when purchasing life insurance knowing that you are getting the best policies with the best coverage for your money.

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