Shocking Reasons Why People Have Been Denied Life Insurance



Shocking Reasons Why People Have Been Denied Life Insurance

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Shocking Reasons Why People Have Been Denied Life Insurance

Not everyone qualifies for life insurance. While some people are hit with high premium rates, other are denied altogether for certain reasons that may or may not be in their control.

Check out this list to see what life insurance companies might hold against you when applying for coverage:

You Have Hazardous Hobbies

You can be physically fit and thriving, but if your hobbies are too dicey for the preferences of the insurance carrier, you may be excluded from their services. This is due to your higher risk of injury or death. Someone who regularly participates in seemingly dangerous habits can see higher rates, or just get flat out denied insurance coverage. If you think this may apply to you, dial it back a bit, or be prepared to deal with the consequences when you are denied a life insurance policy.

You’re A Cancer Survivor

Your battle with cancer was won, but your battle with the life insurance companies still continues. You may be cancer-free and in remission, but your past experience with cancer puts a scarlet letter on your profile to scare off insurance companies. If you have cancer, or have had it in the past, it may be harder to get coverage. However, it is not impossible. There are certain companies that will take on people with a history of cancer, but high premiums will be the result.

Your Parent’s Medical History Is Sub-Par

You’re young and healthy, so why must the insurance companies look at your family’s medical history? Insurance carriers like to get a glimpse into your family history in order to see what kind of health issues may be in your genes. Your parents can often serve as indicators to show how your health will be as you age. If one, or both, of your parents has had cancer, disease, strokes, or died at a young age, this could prevent you from getting the coverage you want at the price you want. You might not even be able to get covered at all! If you can’t prove that your health is much better than your parents’ poor health records, then you may have to suffer the consequences. Just another lovely thing you inherited from your old man…

You’re A Liable Liar

Don’t even think about fibbing on your life insurance application or during your medical examination. The insurance carriers will find out, and you could be punished for it. If your application is faulty, your carrier could choose to decline you coverage, even if you have already started paying your premiums. If you’re lucky, they will just increase your rates. There is nothing good to come out of a lie on your application, so help yourself out by answering all the questions, even the tricky ones, honestly and accurately.

You’ve Suffered From Addictions

Relationships with alcohol, tobacco, and other types of drugs do not fare well in the life insurance industry. People who have suffered, or continue to abuse these substances are extremely likely to get denied coverage by life insurance companies. Their unstable conditions, poor health, and frightening decision-making skills make them the ultimate threat to life insurance carriers. With such high risks associated with these bad habits, it is unlikely that these people will ever get insurance. If you can prove that you are a recovered addict, you may be able to get a policy with certain carriers, but it will cost you a pretty penny. A few bad decisions can easily follow you the rest of your life, so take this as a precautionary tale of what to avoid.

Your Public Records Are Regrettable

If you have committed any sorts of crimes, not matter how big or small, they can have an effect of your life insurance coverage. While a poor driving record can drive up car insurance rates, it can also have a negative effect on your life insurance because of your scary speeding and risky roadway habits. If you have a DUI, under your belt, you best believe you are going to continue to pay for your crime. Same goes for other misdemeanors or even felonies that you may have committed. Your records can cause your rates to skyrocket, or prevent you from getting any sort of insurance because it proves that you are too much of a risk to the insurance company.

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