The 8 Wildest Celebrity Life Insurance Policies

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The 8 Wildest Celebrity Life Insurance Policies

The basic idea behind insurance is simple, right? You insure what’s valuable to you, so that if you ever lose it, you’ll be compensated what you and an insurance carrier deem is an appropriate amount of money.

Well, these stars certainly know what their most valuable assets are – and they’ve gone to some pretty great lengths to make sure they’re safeguarded. So if at any point in your life you ever think your insurance policy is a bit excessive, just remember the ones you’re about to see here.

Jennifer Lopez – Butt

Don’t worry, guys, JLo’s greatest asset is fully covered. With an ample policy that covers her butt when she needs it most, the star is fully prepared to safely sit on, shake, and show her behind in any way she chooses. If an accident ever leaves her with a deteriorated derriere, she stands to receive $27 million in benefits from her insurance policy. And she’s not the only one with a policy protecting her bum. Kim Kardashian has followed suit and insured hers for $21 million. Clearly these girls have their booties covered and their fortune on lock down.

David Beckham – Legs, Feet and Toes

The soccer star and part-time model decided to take extra precaution when dealing with his precious commodities. Beckham has his legs, feet, and toes all insured for about $195 million, which is one of the largest body insurance policies ever. He took out the policy in 2006, to protect him in case of a soccer injury, but also in favor of his blossoming modeling career. His bottom half is as important aspect of both careers and he felt that it was best to be prepared. So next time you see David Beckham out, try not to step on his toes; it’ll cost you!

Troy Polamalu – Hair

This former Pittsburgh Steeler is all about playing it safe, especially when it comes to his hair. Polamalu’s curly black locks have been his signature for years, so after he signed a contract with Head & Shoulders, the company took out a $1 Million policy to protect them. Then in 2013, Polamalu decided to raise money and awareness for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation…by cutting his hair. But don’t worry, the star only cut a few strands, and the trim did not affect his million-dollar policy. His bushy hair is still growing strong.

Bruce Springsteen – Vocal Cords

Singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen will still be able to rock on even after his voice leaves him. The famous artist has his vocal cords insured with a substantial dividend that will keep him afloat even if his voice is impaired. At $6 Million, Springsteen is in the clear if his vocal cords fails him. The 65 year old singer’s voice is holding up for now, but if it ever fails a $6 million benefit from his policy will keep him out of the badlands.

Daniel Craig – Entire Body

This daredevil is not as crazy as you’d think. While he prefers to do his own stunts in his action films, the actor has taken out a hefty insurance policy to protect himself. Before filming Casino Royale in 2006, Daniel Craig decided to insure his whole body before performing any stunts. Craig’s policy is worth $9.5 million and protects his entire body in case of an accident on set. No wonder he is willing to do his own tricks…

Julia Roberts – Smile

We’ve been wrong this entire time. Roberts does not have a million dollar smile – it is worth a lot more than that. Her iconic smile comes with an insane amount of insurance. Roberts has a $30 million insurance policy that covers her toothy grin in case of emergency. As if that one-of-a-kind smile ever fades, she is set for life with her prudent policy.

Gene Simmons –Tongue

Bass-guitarist for KISS made a cautious decision by choosing to insure his elongated tongue. Gene Simmons took out the policy decades ago, but his tongue is still an icon in the rock industry and is featured on shirts, posters and other tributes to the band. A tongue with such esteem is worth $1 million, according to his insurance policy. So go ahead and enjoy all the popsicles and lollipops that you want, Gene, your tongue can take it.

Mariah Carey – Legs

Ironically, the singer doesn’t have a policy covering her lovely voice, but she does have one covering her leggy physique. At a whopping $1 billion, Carey’s legs are the most valuable celebrity body part (if insurance policies are any indication). Taylor Swift’s $40 million insurance policy for her legs pales in comparison to the R&B singer’s policy that was taken out after signing a contract with Gillette. Apparently the “Legs of a Goddess” are worth a pretty penny.

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