Which Illnesses And Conditions Can Prevent You From Finding Good Life Insurance?

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Which Illnesses And Conditions Can Prevent You From Finding Good Life Insurance?

It’s about time we clear up any and all confusions you have with finding good life insurance with your current condition.

While some illnesses and life conditions can make life insurance hard to get, don’t get discouraged; not all carriers will deny you. Depending on your health status, you may be able to find the life insurance policy that you need.

But first, let’s learn about some of the most common medical conditions and illnesses that can prevent you from finding good life insurance, so you know what to expect, and how to deal with it:

Type I Diabetes

Depending on the seriousness of your condition, diabetes can have a big impact on your life insurance. While type II is typically less serious, and more manageable, those affected by the disease may receive higher premium rates due to the higher risks associated with the disease. However, those with more lethal forms of Type I diabetes, may be denied from getting life insurance altogether. This is a much more fatal form of the disease, and it can be too much of a risk to take on for many insurance companies.

Extreme Obesity

Living an unhealthy lifestyle will typically cause you to receive a higher premium bill for your life insurance, but if your health is seriously out of hand, you might not even get the privilege of receiving a life insurance policy. If you or a loved one are extremely overweight you are a liability to insurance companies. Your weight is a big reflection of your health status, and your problem puts you at a higher risk of other conditions, and can even be fatal. No life insurance company wants to take on a policy with that much risk associated with it.

Terminal Cancer

It is not impossible to get life insurance after a cancer diagnosis, but it may be costly. However, some types of cancer will lower your odds of getting approved for a life insurance policy. If you have been recently diagnosed with stage I cancer, you will likely be able to find a company that will sell you a life insurance policy. But with other stages of the disease, your odds go way down.

High Blood Pressure

If you’ve been cursed with high blood pressure, you may have more bad news coming your way. Even if you manage to live a normal and otherwise healthy lifestyle, you will probably receive extremely high rates for your life insurance policy or get denied from getting one without a second thought. This is because those with consistently high blood pressure have a higher risk of having a stroke, and the insurance companies deem this as a risky move to insure you.


The seizures you suffer are awful, and they can have awful effects on your health and life insurance application. Any times, your Epileptic tendencies will prevent you from receiving the life insurance policy that you want and need, due to your inflated risks.


Too many people underestimate the effects of mental illness. While it can take a toll on your mind and body, it can also take a toll on your wallet. With severe forms of depression, and a history of suicidal thoughts, or past experiences causing hospitalization or rehabilitation, you will likely have a very hard time finding an insurance carrier that will take you on. If the company sees you as a risk, they won’t take you on, unless there are limitations to the policy. This could include exclusions for self-harm or suicide, meaning that the company would not be responsible to pay out the money if the insured harms themselves. If you or a loved one suffer from less severe forms of depression, and are stable, they should still be able to receive better rates with their life insurance policy.

Crohn’s Disease

Unfortunately, your inflamed digestive system can take a toll on your diet, your lifestyle, and your life insurance policy. Crohn’s disease can be extremely frustrating and limits the food you can eat, because of the irritation your stomach experiences. This horrible irritable bowel disease can actually be quite fatal, and those with the disease are an extreme risk to life insurance companies, so most with serious cases of the disease will be denied from obtaining a typical life insurance policy.

While these medical conditions, along with some other serious illnesses, can prevent you from getting certain life insurance policies, there may still be options out there for you. Many insurance policies specific to certain conditions, like critical illness and terminal illness policies. To learn about these polices and see what First Life can offer you, check out First Life Insurance’s life coverage options.We search 30+ of the nation’s biggest carriers to get you the lowest rates.

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