Life Insurance Coverage

Your financial security can affect your loved ones as much as it affects you. However, having life insurance can provide both you and your loved ones with peace of mind, while offering protection from life’s unforeseen risks. Life insurance is an important topic for everyone, regardless of age, health or lifestyle, and definitely should not be overlooked. Having a proper life-insurance strategy will offer you and your family a sense of peace, protection and ultimate well-being, knowing that you have a stronger defense-system against life’s unexpected turns and possible risk factors.

Your family means everything to you, which is why you work hard to offer them a lifestyle that is filled with many advantages. But would your family have the same financial security and necessary resources to maintain its lifestyle if you were to pass away?

While there is certainly nothing that can replace you, life insurance can help your loved ones have the proper financial security to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, as well to live out their dreams, achieve their life-goals, and thrive. It can also be the cornerstone for a secure financial strategy, in addition to giving you a greatly comforting sense of peace, knowing that your loved ones are protected from the unwanted stress that comes with financial hardships and the lack of important resources.

Life insurance helps you:

  • Pay the mortgage, as well as any other debts you may have.
  • Secure your children’s education by funding college.
  • Maintain your family’s lifestyle.
  • Cover final expenses.
  • Leave a legacy.

Life insurance comes in many forms, and there are different types of life insurance to suit each individual’s personal needs.

1). Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance offers you protection throughout your entire lifetime, and helps accumulate your cash value. Permanent life insurance can provide protection for your business, supplemental retirement income, account value growth that can be used as a financial resource by your loved ones, tax-deferred asset accumulation, and efficient wealth transfer solutions.

2). Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance can offer you similar protection as permanent life insurance, only for a specific amount of years. With term life insurance, you also have the option to convert to permanent insurance using the same health status as your term policy. Term policies are the least-costly forms of life insurance.

Your life-insurance needs will change along with the changes that occur in your life. For example, expanding your family by having more children will most likely trigger a sharp increase in the amount of financial resources you and your family require. When your children grow older, establish their own living situation and leave the nest, you will probably need less financial protection. With that being said, your need for a particular life-insurance policy depends on your family size and lifestyle.

Although life insurance can be an uncomfortable topic, it offers necessary and important advantages to everyone, regardless of age. Death is a certain, inevitable aspect in everyone’s future. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and to have a strategy in place that will secure the lives and well-being of your family members and loved ones while helping you leave a positive legacy.

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