Accidental Death Life Coverage

Accidental death life coverage is an insurance policy that guarantees a set death benefit to your loved ones in the case of a fatal accident causing your demise.

How it Works

An accidental death policy can be purchased in addition to other life insurance policies to supplement your coverage, but can also be purchased as sole coverage for those who do not qualify for life insurance.

Benefits of Accidental Death Life Coverage

-You will be accepted regardless of health, therefore no medical examination is required.

- This form of insurance can be inexpensive, requiring only cheap premiums for large amounts of coverage.

-You can get coverage quickly and are pretty much guaranteed to be accepted.

-Your loved ones can receive a larger benefit upon your fatal accident.

Is Accidental Death Life Coverage The Right Option For You?

If you have had a hard time trying to qualify for life insurance, accidental life insurance may be the best thing you can do for cheap coverage that will help your family in case of an extreme emergency. Additionally, if you would like to purchase extra coverage in the case of the unexpected, you can purchase accidental death life insurance as a supplement to increase the benefits that your family will receive upon your fatal accident.

If this seems life the right life insurance policy for you, speak with your First Life insurance agent to find out more information about the plans we offer. Certain carriers may offer policies with different coverage restrictions you should be aware of before purchasing the policy. First Life agents are here to serve you by answering all questions you may have to set you up with the best coverage for your needs.

Quick Quote - Save on Coverage

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