American Amicable Life Insurance

Carrier Name: American Amicable Life Insurance

Does carrier accept online applications? – No. All American-Amicable life insurance application forms can be found on American-Amicable's website, and require Acrobat Reader.

What does American-Amicable Life Insurance have to Offer?

  • whole life
  • universal life
  • modified whole life
  • term
  • group term
  • critical illness
  • final expense
Company History:

American-Amicable Life Insurance was founded in 1910. This company was first organized in Waco, Texas, and has reached an impressive $6.7 billion of life insurance in force.

Why American-Amicable?

Each individual American-Amicable Life Insurance plan is designed to meet each customer's particular needs, including services for civilian and government employees, payroll deduction, and final expense markets.

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