American General

Carrier Name: American General Term Life Insurance

Does Carrier Offer Online eApplication? – No. However, for your convenience, American General provides all customer service needs - including tele-application - as well as valuable, in-depth and personalized information over the phone. They also provide a free 2-minute quote hotline:

American General Free Quote Hotline: 1-(800)-586-3072

What does American General have to Offer? - American General Life Insurance Products:

1). Universal Life Insurance
  • Allows you to choose a premium to suit your needs, giving you the option to pay a lower or higher premium to suit your budget
  • Offers flexible death benefit, allowing you to increase or decrease your death benefit amount to accommodate your ever-changing needs
  • Increased cash value
  • Provides tax-free benefits for your loved ones
2). Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Offers solid coverage for the term you select - 17 different term periods that last up to 35 years, depending on your age when you buy the policy

  • Provides guaranteed full benefits for your loved ones if you should die
  • Gives you the option to surrender your policy for cash value at the end of the level premium period
  • Comes with a fixed monthly premium that does not change during the selected term, even as you age or if your health declines
3). Insurance for Estate Planning
  • No-lapse guarantee
  • Premium payment options to fit your financial needs and goals
  • Flexible death benefit
  • Zero-interest catch up
4). TravelGuard Insurance

Provides valuable coverage to meet your traveling needs - this plan helps by traveling with you and your family.

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