AXA Life

Carrier Name: AXA

Does Carrier Offer online eApplication? No.

What Does AXA Life Insurance have to Offer?

AXA Life Insurance Products:

BrightLife Term Life: Offers simple protection for a limited time - ideal for those who only need life insurance for a certain amount of years.

Whole Life: A permanent policy that offers a Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value that increases each year and equals the Face Amount at age 100.

Universal Life Insurance:
  • Offers flexible premiums
  • Low cost insurance life policy that offers lifetime insurance protection, as well as potential accumulation of cash value through allocation to a Select Account and/or Fixed Account
Indexed Life Insurance:

A flexible-premium life insurance policy that provides for potential cash value growth through an interest crediting linked to major market indexes, which gives you the opportunity to participate in the upside potential of the equities markets with built-in guaranteed downside protection.

Variable Universal Life Insurance:

Incentive Life Optimizer ll

  • Offers life insurance protection with the potential for cash value accumulation
  • Includes professionally managed investment portfolios
  • Provides a wide array of investment options to accommodate your needs

Incentive Life Legacy ll

  • Affordable permanent life insurance
  • Offers market-sensitive investment options for those who want to put their premium dollars to work
Survivorship Life Insurance:

Survivorship Incentive Life Legacy : A flexible premium policy that provides protection, as well as the ability to invest in the makeup through its variable investment options.

Athena Survivorship Universal Life IV : A cost-effective plan designed to insure two people

  • Offers flexible premium
  • Second-to-die universal life insurance policy
  • Provides death benefit protection
  • Allows you to take full advantage of the unlimited estate tax marital deduction
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