Carrier Name: Equitrust

Does Carrier Offer online eApplication? No.

What does Equitrust have to Offer?

Equitrust’s Life Insurance Products:

WealthSure LifeTM
  • Premium Declared-Rate Life Insurance
  • Interest-sensitive growth of policy values
WealthMax Bonus Life®
  • Premium Index Life Insurance
  • Stock-market index based earnings
  • 12% bonus added to all premiums
WealthPay LifeTM
  • Fixed Premium Index Life Insurance
  • Premiums paid by a Single Premium Immediate Annuity Policy
  • Stock-market index based earnings
Why Equitrust?

Equitrust Life Insurance Company offers you portfolio management provided by Guggenheim Partners, a global investment and advisory firm with more than $220 billion in assets under management. Guggenheim Partners has maintained an impressive track record of delivering results through innovative solutions, and will effectively help accommodate your life-insurance needs.

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