F&G Life

Carrier Name: Fidelity and Guaranty

Does Carrier Offer Online eApplication Options? – No.

What Does F&G have to Offer? – F&G Life Insurance Products:

FG Life-Choice Indexed Universal Life Insurance
  • This life insurance plan provides a death benefit if you should die, as well as tax-deferred growth of your account value, growth linked to a formula based on changes in an equity-index, flexible premium options, a variety of riders and waivers, and two death benefit options.
FG Life-Elite Indexed Universal Life Insurance
  • FG Life-Elite offers a variety of life-insurance options that will each provide safety, future security, protection and benefits for you and your loved ones. FG offers a number of flexible options to take out low-cost loans, while still earning interest and value on the security of your family’s future. In addition, FG Life-Elite provides one of the most competitive and flexible indexed universal life insurance designs available in the industry!
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