Minnesota Life

Carrier Name: Minnesota Life

Does Carrier Accept Online eApplications? – Yes.

Minnesota Life Insurance Products:

  • Whole life insurance

    Provides a lifetime of coverage, while offering offering guaranteed premiums, cash value and a death benefit.

  • Universal life insurance

    Offers flexible premium options, allowing you to adjust your premium payments as needed.

  • Indexed life insurance

    This particular insurance plan has interest crediting potential tied to changes in an index account or accounts. Indexed life insurance crediting potential has a cap and floor, or a maximum and minimum.

  • Variable life insurance

    Variable life insurance can potentially accumulate non-guaranteed cash value based on the performance of investment choices referred to as subaccounts. These various accounts include stocks, bonds, international accounts and guaranteed accounts.

  • Survivorship life insurance

    Survivorship life insurance provides coverage for two people, and offers benefits if the second beneficiary should die.

Why Choose Minnesota Life?

Minnesota Life Insurance has a number of impressive ratings and customer feedback, including a 98% Client Satisfaction rate, 97.2% retention rate and last but not least, a 100% claim service satisfaction rate.

Independent Company Ratings:

Minnesota has received a number of impressively high ratings from independent rating companies:
AM Best: Superior A+
S&P: Strong A+
Moody’s: Excellent Aa3
Fitch: Very Strong AA-

Minnesota Life and Securian Financial Group affiliates provide nationwide financial security to over 13 million people through insurance, investment and retirement products. They also have an impressive, top-notch record of financial strength and claims-paying ability – this has definitely contributed to Minnesota Life and Securian Financial Group’s title of being one of the most highly rated companies in America! In fact, this highly-ranked life insurance carrier protect clients nationwide with *more than a whopping $1 trillion of life insurance in force.*

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