Prudential Life

Carrier Name: Prudential Life

Does Carrier Accept Online eApplications? – Yes.

Life Insurance Products:

Universal Life
  • Flexible premium coverage:
  • Up to your lifetime Death Benefit:
  • Guaranteed premiums that are timely paid in full and no loans or withdrawals
  • Potential Cash Value Growth
  • Potential to grow Death Benefit
Custom Choice Universal Life
  • Flexible premium options
  • 10 to 30 initial level coverage periods available
  • Provides many options for lifetime continuing coverage after initial period Death Benefit
  • Potential Cash and Benefit Growth
Variable Universal Life
  • Flexible Premiums for life Death Benefit
  • Potential Cash Growth
  • Allows Policy Loans
Survivor Universal Life
  • Provides coverage for two people
  • Benefit pay-out after death of second beneficiary
  • Possible cash value growth 
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