Carrier Name: SBLI Life

Does Carrier Accept Online eApplications? – Yes.

Life Insurance Products:

Term Insurance:

SBLI offers three individual low-cost term life insurance plans, including:

  • Guaranteed level premium term life insurance
  • Yearly renewable term life insurance
  • One year non-renewable term life insurance
Guaranteed Level Premium Life Insurance

This particular term life insurance plan offers premiums that are guaranteed to stay the same for the entire term you select – premiums are based on your age, health at the times you purchase the policy and will cover you until you reach 85 years of age

Yearly Renewable Term Life Insurance

This term life insurance plan renews every year, and your annual premium will be calculated based on your current age. The plan will automatically renew each year until you reach the age of 90.

Whole Life Insurance:

SBLI offers a number of whole life insurance plans with a variety of premium payment options that are all calculated based on your age – SBLI guarantees that your premium will not increase, regardless of age.

Whole Life Insurance Key Attributes
  • Offers your family financial protection for your entire life.
  • Your premiums/payments never increase.
  • Allows you to borrow the guaranteed cash value of your policy.
  • No need to renew or convert your policy.
  • Your policy could potentially earn dividends that can be used to purchase more paid-up life insurance, reduce your premium or accumulate with interest.
  • Your family will be offered the help they require in meeting current and future financial obligations after you pass away.
  • You are given the option to cancel your policy and receive its cash value, or you can exchange your policy for an annuity (restrictions may apply).
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